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Enclosed Trailer
Boat Trailer
Utility/Landscape Trailer
Snowmobile Trailer  
Early Spring is the best time to have your
boat trailer serviced.
--  Troubleshooting
--   We specialize in wiring & lighting electrical problems

--  Inspect roller support systems and brackets
--  Inspect bunks, supports and brackets

--  Trailer Rewiring
--  Welding steel and aluminum

--  Inspect hydraulic disc brake systems and hydraulic brake drum systems
--  Inspect all wiring and lights

--  Inspect tires and rims for wear and damage.
--  Inspect trailer axles for wear and damage.
--  Inspect suspension components
--  Check frame and suspension systems for wear

--  Upgrade from incandescent older style lighting systems to
   newer updated LED lighting systems
Preventative maintenance keeps
the price of costly repairs  to a minimum.
Repair and Installation
--  Axles
-- Suspensions
-- Hub & Bearings
-- Wiring & Lighting Problems
-- Galvanized boat trailers
-- Aluminum boat trailers
-- From Single axle to Tri-axle
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