Brian's Trailer Repair
92 Route 236
Berwick, Maine 03901
Horse Trailer    
Enclosed Trailer
Boat Trailer
Utility/Landscape Trailer
Snowmobile Trailer  
Now is a good time to have your
utility or landscape trailer
seasoned and maintained.
Preventative maintenance keeps your trailer and brakes
properly adjusted and maintained.  
This service keeps the price of repairs  to a minimum.
Repair and Installation
-- Welding steel and aluminum trailers
-- Utility and Landscape Trailers
--  Troubleshooting
--   We specialize in wiring & lighting electrical problems

--  Packing inner and outer wheel bearings
--  Inspect electric brake system for wear
--  Inspect breakaway systems
--  Inspect brake controller in towing vehicle

--  Inspection axles for wear
--  Inspect suspension components

--  Inspect all wiring and lighting
--  Inspect tires and rims for wear and damage

--  All moving parts are lubricated

-- Welding steel or aluminum repairs

--  Rewire trailers for lights.

--  Upgrade from incandescent older style lighting systems to
  newer updated LED lighting systems
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